Long-term radon test

Every year 85,000 Britons receive a diagnosis of lung cancer. Tobacco is what comes to most people’s minds as the main culprit, but there is another substance which is colorless and odorless and which can also cause lung cancer– radon. It’s a naturally occurring substance in soil and rocks. Radon is also released when coal is burned. These tiny particles of radon gas travel straight to the lung and may lead to lung cancer. For smokers or those whose lungs are already damaged, the risk is particularly high.

Radon tends to enter buildings and remain trapped, which is why it is considered an indoor hazard. We offer a convenient radon test kit for your home or office, so there is no need for a technician to show up. Plus, thanks to advances in technology, our kits are affordable. Our small radon detectors are perfectly harmless and will be able to measure the radon levels in your building. Place them in rooms you spend the most time in. A few months are necessary to achieve peak accuracy. Any service which claims to only need a week or two is not going to deliver accurate results. You then return the devices to us, and we promptly send back the results.

The best part about testing for radon is that if levels are high, there are effective ways to lower the levels. In fact, there are building services which specialize in radon reduction. So just as we test ourselves through blood draws at the doctor’s office, our living and work environments should also be tested. Environmental testing is another way to protect our health, just as is dieting and exercise. Let our radon detection service deliver some peace of mind because your home should be a refuge, not an environmental hazard.

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